Picture of PI AUDIT TOOLS  - SRX


Use to input data to perform Performance Improvement auditing and PI Reports.
Picture of  PI AUDIT TOOLS - SRX
$150.00 (USD)

The forms and tools are used to perform audits of your Specialty Pharmacy to meet ACHC standards DRX6-1A to DRX6-6A.

The templates, forms and tools include:

  • PI Meeting Minutes Tool
  • Description of Activity
  • Satisfaction Survey Tally Sheets
  • Complaints, Incidents and Adverse Events Audit Form
  • Patient File Audit Tool
  • Employee File Audit Tool
  • Denial and Coding Audit Tool
  • Indicator of Service Audit Tools
  • Compliance Audit Checklist
  • Annual PI and Compliance Report Tool
  • Satisfaction Survey- Patients
  • Satisfaction Survey- Referral Sources
  • Satisfaction Survey- Employees

We suggest you appoint a PI Coordinator who will be responsible for completing the audits and providing reports to management as well as all staff.

The templates, forms and tools  is designed to save you time and reduce your expenses to perform the required audits as well as provide you data that can help your company improve its services.

You will receive the item by email after placing your order.

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